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From the air known and unknown places often look surprisingly different and I find it very special to capture that. I do prefer to photograph in nature, both on the ground and from the air. I am especially looking for striking compositions with natural shapes, patterns and colors.
Almost all photos on this website are captured with a camera drone (Phantom). Of the aerial photos of Iceland six are made from a helicopter.

In the 360° panoramas you can look around in all directions, both horizontally and vertically. Each panorama is composed of dozens of photos that were taken on the same spot and at the same altitude. On the overview pages you can see the panoramas as 'little planet'. Click on a little planet to see the full panorama. You can look around the full panorama (click and drag or rotate the tablet/smartphone around you) and zoom in or out (scroll wheel or finger swipe on the screen).

The photos of waterfalls in Iceland are captured with a long exposure of about 1 or 2 seconds. For this series, I used a PolarPro ND64 filter to reduce the amount of light, to enable long exposures during daylight.

Paul Oostveen (The Netherlands)